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SINGULAIR GREEN® Waste Water Treatment System

Singular Green home sewage treatment technology
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K and W Septic Service A Full Septic Service Company would like to introduce the latest technology in residential sewage treatment - Singular Green
Developed to serve homes and small businesses beyond the reach of city sewers, the Singulair Green system employs the extended aeration process. Similar to the treatment method used by most municipal wastewater treatment facilities, this process involves a natural, biological breakdown of the organic matter in wastewater.

Wastewater enters the pretreatment chamber where anaerobic bacterial action combines with the effects of gravity to precondition the waste before it flows into the aeration chamber. Once in the aeration chamber, aerobic bacteria utilize the organic matter in the wastewater to biologically convert the waste into stable substances. Following aeration, flow is transferred to the clarification chamber where the effects of gravity settle out biologically active material. The Bio-Static sludge return, located in the clarification chamber, creates hydraulic currents that gently transfer settled particles back to the aeration chamber. As clarified liquids pass through the Bio-Kinetic system, they are filtered, settled and flow equalized. As a result, complete pretreatment, aeration, clarification and final filtration are assured. The Singulair Green system reliably protects you, your property and the environment.

FEATURES AND ADVANTAGES Singulair Green tanks are constructed of rotationally molded, UV stabilized, high density polyethylene.  Integrally molded treatment chamber walls and structural support ribs insure durability and maximum strength.  Risers and lids are injection molded, heavy duty, glass-filled polypropylene.  All components within the system that will contact the wastewater are constructed entirely of molded plastic, stainless steel or rubber.

The Singulair aerator is powered by a 1725 RPM, 115 volt, 60 hertz, single phase, fractional horsepower motor. It is the only electrically powered component in the Singulair Green system. The aerator has been designed specifically for use in the Singulair system. It costs less to operate and consumes fewer kilowatt hours of electricity than most major appliances.

The Singulair aerator supplied with a prewired electrical control center contained in a NEMA rated enclosure. The control center contains a power switch and time clock that control aerator operation. The local dealer’s name, address and telephone number are displayed on the control center cover. All system controls and necessary owner information are conveniently located at your fingertips.

Non-mechanical flow equalization and final filtration is accomplished within the Singulair Green tank by theBio-Kinetic system. This revolutionary device is installed in the clarification chamber and connected to the system outlet. Optional chlorination and dechlorination may be included in the Bio-Kinetic system if required. All Singulair Green components work together to assure complete pretreatment, aeration, clarification and final filtration.


K and W Septic Service is Proud to be the Berks County Singular Green Rep. - we do complete installs and maintenance of this state of the art Waste water Treatment System.

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Singular Green is the latest technology in water treatment technology - The BEST system on the market!!

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